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Oregon Trail Adventure

Several historic trails - The Oregon trail, Mormon Trail, Outlaw Trail and Pony Express Route - all cross the Continental Divide on the plains below the snow-capped Wind River Mountains. On this unique ride our guests are transported back in time with a historically accurate recreation of the Oregon Trail trek. This adventure covers approximately 70 miles riding west and camping along the original Oregon Trail. If you prefer, we can ride to most historic sites from our centrally located base camp. This arrangement, known as our "Oregon Trail Trip" is very economical and affords flexibility in your daily schedule. Area history includes the preserved and restored mining town of South Pass City and the Mormon Hand Cart Trail and burial sites. You'll see old homesteader cabins, gold mines and the frontier town of Atlantic City, with its legendary saloon. There, we tie up to the hitching rail and belly-up to the antique bar. For more excitement and frontier realism, on our Oregon Trail Adventure the party will be "attacked by Indians" and "held up by out-laws". You defend yourselves with reproduction Old West firearms loaded with blanks. These "attacks" feel very real, but it's all quite safe because the "attackers" are actually experienced members of our staff. You never know when you might be attacked or ambushed, but our camp will not be attacked during the night or early morning and no hand-to-hand fighting will ever take place. The best part is you always win and the "bad guys" always get what they deserve! Our Oregon Trail experiences are presented with reverence and respect for those who settled this wild and beautiful land. The hardships and sacrifices of the pioneers are not taken lightly, but shared with guests to remind them of our precious heritage of Western history. But re-enacting Old West events is not just educational - it's fun. If you would like to be as authentic as possible to the mid to late 1800ís time period, we can recommend purveyors of reproduction clothing and gear. Our staff are western history enthusiasts and we try to be historically accurate in our dress, gear and camp. You've read the books and watched the movies and dreamed about living in the Old West. Now, your Wild West fantasy can become reality on your Oregon Trail Adventure.

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