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High Mountain Pack Trips

After your arrival and a "get acquainted" dinner Sunday night, your adventure begins Monday morning. A short drive from your motel finds you in one of the more remote regions of America, where elk bugle, deer and antelope play and an occasional moose stands belly deep in a mountain lake. You'll ride high into the majestic mountain back country and into the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. You'll meander along snow-fed streams through deep rock canyons, soft, green forests and flower-filled meadows. From horseback, you're likely to see many examples of Wyoming's wildlife. Once you ride and camp in the Rocky Mountains, nothing else compares. On an RMHA Mountain Pack Trip, we pack the whole camp on horseback to the roof of the Rockies where we ride mountain trails, fish for trout, photograph or just relax in the spectacular scenery. Little skill or experience is required; just your spirit of adventure and love of the outdoors. RMHA horses are dependable and gentle and even beginners feel comfortable when tutored by our guides. We match horse to rider to suit your experience level, whether you are a novice or an expert. RMHA employs regular ranch working horses and our adventures are not dull "Nose-to-Tail" rides. This is big, open country with room to ride, a horseman's paradise. Back in camp, the campfire crackles as the sky fills with stars and coyotes sing in the distance. After supper, cowboy songs and poetry provide the evening's entertainment fare.

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